This list began in 1997 on the once-hip It was designed to be a resource for the USA Fields of the Nephilim fan base. Especially with rumors of a reunion in the works, the need to get USA fans connected and motivated seemed imminent.

Since then, it has grown into a collective of eccentric, creative, intelligent and talented people who share an interest in the band members' projects. Fields of the Nephilim, Last Rites, NFD, and The Nefilim all are subject to discussion. While our members are still mainly Americans, many, many people from all over the world now are enlightened by the glow of Sumerland.

This affiliated site has, through the hard work of many fans, become one of the most comprehensive Nephilim resources on the web. It is approved of, though not officially maintained, by the band.

Many ups and downs have been traversed by the artists, and by their following. In the absence of activity in the official camp, the name was changed to Dead But Dreaming. Slumbering, hoping; some certain. Some not so.

Above all, this list has existed as a state of mutual dreaming, solace and sharing for those of us seeking a Last Exit. A beacon for the wight, if you'd like, for all of you who have been paying attention.

The Mourning Sun rose, and at the 24th Moment paradise reopened. The vast number of fans who attended this historic concert felt an intangible energy of transformation, closure, wakefulness and rebirth.

Sumerland has been regained. Enter The Gates.

Site Owner: Beth Winegarner