This interview with Andy Jackson was done by Werner Haider in January 2001. Andy Jackson has been the sound technician of Pink Floyd for a long time. He did two Fields albums - 'Elizium' and 'Earth Inferno.'

PULSE & SPIRIT: You produced 'Elizium,' which is a great album! With a wonderful atmosphere. For me one of the best albums, of all time, really! I was a Fields Fan for years, and was completely surprised as I saw your name in the booklet! Tell us how did you come in contact with them? And how was working with them?

ANDY JACKSON: They approached me (via their record company, Beggar's Banquet). We met up and got on well, I heard some songs & liked them and so we worked together. 'Elizium' was a very enjoyable experience. It is probably not something that would mean anything to anyone not involved in recording, but after doing Floyd albums (and a Dream Academy album) that take around a year to make, doing this album quickly made it very refreshing. It also took me to musical territory that I had not done before, I'd specifically pick the track 'Submission'. Oddly enough Carl (McCoy) has since become known for working very slowly, I worked on the 'Zoon' album with him and I just could not get him to finish it. In the end I had to leave the project to record ivision Bell' and it took Carl about another 2 years to finish his album.

P&S: You recorded also in the Astoria Studio. Did David Gilmour meet them at all?

ANDY JACKSON: Nothing too clever really, I just asked Jon (who I knew from MloR) and he was happy to do it. I like to say what a great job he did, he's one of the most inventive musicians I've ever worked with. He's mainly known as a keyboard player, but he's one of these guys that can play anything. It's good to see that he got the chance to sing lead vocal & play slide on Roger's live album.

P&S: Did you also go on tour with the Fields in 1990?

ANDY JACKSON: No, strangely enough I'd never seen them live, even having recorded a live album with them until their last gig ever (with the original line up). I was very impressed with them live. I've always thought that if things had worked out differently for them they could have been really big, they had the potential.

P&S: Will you work on the forthcoming new album of Carl McCoy and Tony Pettitt? Are some of the other Fields members working with them?

ANDY JACKSON: I'm still in contact with the guys, I spoke to Carl & Tony fairly recently. I'd love to do another album with them, but only if it could be quick! I don't think any of the others are involved, I know Pete (Yates) is not involved with music at all any more. I don't know about Paul & Nod.

P&S: Apart from the Fields, which other bands also recorded in the Astoria Studio? I only know from Kula Shaker.

ANDY JACKSON: Lots really, as I said, it somewhat operates as a commercial studio. I try to do all my work there, I think it's the best studio in London (or maybe the world).