As they prepare to play London with the Mission, Fields of the Nephilim's legendary frontman Carl McCoy talks gigs, new material and how he's keeping things fresh

Flour companies had better start stockpiling the self-raising as Fields of the Nephilim will be hitting London's Brixton Academy later this year as special guests to The Mission and frontman Carl McCoy has told Terrorizer, "It'll be a party! From the fans' point of view if's going to be very special; it'll be a bit od history."

The Mission will be celebrating their 25th anniversary and frontman Wayne Hussey personally invited Carl and the boys (who now officially feature guitarists Gavin King and Tom Edwards, drummer Lee Newell and bassist Snake) to play. "I thought, 'Fair play, it shows there's some unity between artists and bands,'" says the floured-up frontman. "There used to be quite a bit of [perceived] rivalry between bands but a lot of that was to do with the press pigeon-holing and saying, 'You can't see this band if you're into that band' but we're not football teams. Now there's more unity and the scenes cross over a lot more within the gothic movement, industrial scenes and metal; it's all very integrated. The show should be a great atmosphere and that more than anything, is the reason for doing it."

The Nephilim might have been off the radar for a few years release-wise, with their last effort, "Mourning Sun," released in 2005, but Carl assures us that there's a lot brewing beneath the surface. "For the last two years I've been mostly concentrating on getting out there and playing; our original reputation came about by playing live so that was a priority for me. We've been very choosy about where we want to play and we've played a lot of territories that we'ce never played, such as Greece, Poland, Finland, which is a fresh challenge. Keeping it fresh is what it's all about. I've never been into doing anything 'safe,' I love going on, doing our best to win [the crowd] over rather than just going through the motions, which a lot of bands do."

Carl has been working on some new material, which fans might be treated to a sneak preview of at the Brixton show. "I've been writing and preparing for recording," he nods. "When people keep asking and pushing [about new material] it puts me off; it's ready when it's ready and that's the way I work. A deadline, timing or anything like that doesn't come into it. We are moving forward, it's inevitable a recording will happen, but I'm not going to turn around and say, 'On this date or that date' as people hang on every word and get let down, or I get let down by the industry. I'm trying to get stuff out there. I have to turn my hands to many roles in the production side, it's not just 'Here you go!' and everyone is doing everything for me. I work very hard at what I do, which is create art and music. After the next few gigs, I'll be hoping to release some new material."

So what of the live DVD and album from the Ceremonies shows that has been in the works for some time? "That has been an on-going project and a lot of work in itself. I produced the DVD last year, it wants to get released, really!" For now, Carl is chuffed to be crossing off his 'to do' list. "I'm excited that we've got on top of a few personal achievements and we are ready to share some new material; we're trying to do that in a different way to the 'norm' and if that all works out, it'll be a fantastic achivement."