It has been just over a year since I last interviewed The Nephilim, so I thought that with their May UK tour approaching it was about time I found out what is in store for this year. There have been no British dates since last September but they have by no means been lazy. Here I ask Nod (drums) a few questions just after they have played the Lords Of Independence 2 festival in Bonn, West Germany. Nod is the only member of the band that I haven't yet interviewed so I thought it would be interesting to hear what he has to say.

H/S: What have you been up to since your last trip around the UK?

Nod: Well after Britain we had a day off and then we went around Europe and then to the States until mid December, then we came home and had a couple of days off.

H/S: How did Europe go?

Nod: Europe was really good again, especially Germany which is one of the reasons that we are back here. Europe is great whereas in the States it is so easy to get misled by certain ways. Then when we got back we found a new place to rehearse, where we can get a lot more work done and not so much sitting in the back of a van, then after new year we concentrated on writing new material.

H/S: Any clues to the new material or maybe even the next single?

Nod: It has taken a long time to get the single sorted out actually, we have just been trying to experiment,, really, in the new studio.

H/S: Have you got a lot of new material for the May tour?

Nod: We have got a lot in the pipeline, but nothing's actually come out and been set or finished yet. I think that there will be a few variations in what we're going to be doing again. The new single looks promising, that's why we've spent a lot of time on it, trying out different ways of recording it, trying to get something a bit special, with a different approach. We just hope that no one has forgotten us while we've been away.

H/S: Why did you decide to cancel the Scottish dates and play these two dates in Germany?

Nod: Well basically we were so busy working on the single that it was heads down and we were just about to clinch something. By the time the Scottish dates came up, which were only a warm-up to going in and recording, we were really in the thick of things. It was a shame because we haven't been to Scotland for ages, but we just didn't have the time to work out a set.

H/S: How do you feel these two German dates have gone? Are you pleased with the festival?

Nod. Yeah, I am pleased with the festival. It was really good for us, actually, to play in front of an audience again. The gig in Gottingen was all right but I felt it was a bit short-lived.

H/S: Are you planning another Europe tour?

Nod: I'd like to think that we were coming back to Europe again this year, but I can't actually see it happening, to be honest with you. We've got a few more things in the pipeline recording-wise and a few more things need to be sussed out.

H/S: Will there be an album this year?

Nod: Yeah, there will be. That's what we'll be working on instead of going to Europe again. The album is very under wraps at the moment.

H/S: Will the approaching tour be the only one for the UK this year?

Nod: Hopefully there will be another one towards the end of the year to go along with the album. It's down to what happens and how the writing goes.

H/S: I heard you're planning a tour of Japan.

Nod: Yeah, I think we are supposed to be going to Japan soon, I think they really like us out there. It would be an experience, but Japan is just talk at the moment.

H/S: Were you happy with the Town & Country Club video?

Nod: It's funny you should ask me that, actually, because I watched it only the other night before we came away, just to remember what it's like to play live again after so long, you know, since Christmas. It's been quite a while. It was strange, but it sparks you into life again, which is really good. As for the video, I think it's alright. It completely encompasses the whole night and the way everything went, from the opening shots of us walking on, to the mania at the end. But yes, I'm quite happy with it. I'm not necessarily happy with the way I played on the night or anything like that, but that's beside the point. I think it did a fine job for the night, really. It's good, but the next one will be better.

H/S: Would you like to release a singles video?

Nod: Yeah, we're going to soon, I think. Probably Preacher Man, Blue Water, Moonchild and the new one, which I can't tell you the name of. I'm really excited about the new single, I'm really pleased with the bits I do on it, I'm really busy on it. It's not exactly fast, but it's rockin' in a funny sort of a way. It's very rhythmic at the moment.

H/S: You seem to like using extracts from films in between tracks. Can you recommend any good films to watch that you've seen recently?

Nod: Well I saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre yesterday, which I've never seen before, which was a bit over the top. I'm a little bit more light-hearted on the film-front. I like something more fast-moving, but I can get into slower films sometimes. I like things like Highlander and I like a bit of supernatural every now and then as well, and science-fiction stuff. I don't mind a bit of Alien - that's one of my favourite films.

H/S: So next things next: the British tour.

Nod: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. This festival has put us in good stand for a while in terms of preparing us for the tour.

So there you go, The Nephilim will soon be seen travelling the lengths of the British motorways, gracing the land with some of their new material. As you can probably tell, Nod was keeping his clue cards very close to his chest in true Nephilim style. It's been seven or eight months since their last British dates, so it should be interesting to see what is revealed and to see in which direction the band are moving. Let's hope the single does well and maybe even crack the charts a bit more than "Moonchild" which got to number 27 last May. It's about time the majority of young people got a chance to hear what real music is again, after being forcefed crap for the last five years.

This article reproduced with generous permission from Elizium for the Sleepless Souls.