Headlining this Autumn's Whitby are a band whose roots lie in some of the deepest and most fertile soil of Goth's great past - Last Rites is the latest project of two men who were integral parts of the original Fields Of The Nephilim, brothers Nod and paul Wright. They were last heard of during the Rubicon project that spawned two albums in the early 90's. Now they're back - and ready to raaawk!

It's been a while since we heard anything from you after the demise of Rubicon - what have you been doing for all this time?

Nod - Well, in a nutshell. A lot of playing in different bands, learning new techniques. Getting to grips with new technology. Eventually concentrating on Last Rites and putting our first album out.

On the album you handle all the vocal duties but you have a guest vocalist for live work. Why did you opt for this arrangement?

In creating a new band from scratch it needs music first, and to be involved, it helps to be playing something. Pushing the music rather than pulling. In order to finish this album without a vocalist in mind I took it upon myself to experiment and see what was possible. Whereas live is a different experience. Rory has proved to be an excellent frontman. Handing over the sticks is not something I have been able to do.

Are you happy with the initial reaction to your album?

Guided by Light had some good reviews. Better than we expected, with some interesting interpretations. I don't think its been misunderstood, but maybe for some it has made things a little confusing.

You're headlining the Whitby Festival, which will be the biggest show for the band so far. Are you looking forward to it and what are your future plans?

Yes we are, giving us a chance to sample some of the local hospitalities and play some new songs for the first time. If we survive the weekend it would be best to concentrate on the new album and record some more songs.

Which Last Rites track would you recommend to a stranger to introduce them to the band?

Rory - "Where The Day Ends" would be the one I'd recommend to a prospective listener, good intro grabs 'em, then it just f***kin' raaawks man!

Were you ever amused by "Nod's Corner" in Melody Maker? Are there any articles that particularly stick in your mind?

No, but one of them sticks on my head. Something to do with a goldfish bowl if I remember rightly. Used as a battering ram of sorts. Nasty business... I took a lot of stick for that.

The Nephilim definitely managed to attract a very dedicated fan base. What's thestrangest request you've ever had from a fan?

The Strangest request - well that was being asked to sleep with someone. That might not sound strange but you should've seen them.

Have you heard thabandnew album "Fallen" - if so what do you think of it? Also do you view it as a Fields Of The Nephilim release or as a solo project from Carl McCoy?

I am not going there.

What is your favourite song that you've ever written?

FOTN - Dawnrazor - for the space and the bit after "lets go". RUBICON - Rivers - for the last bit. LAST RITES - The Powers That Be.

Are you still in contact with any of the other Fields Of The Nephilim members?

No not really. I see wanted posters up occasionally.

Does it seem strange now to look back at the old covers of NME / Sounds/ Melody Maker etc and see yourselves on the covers? Especially since the NME and MM went to such trouble to deny ever liking any goth music throughout the 90's?

We were never really a fashionable band, some of the press must of liked it. It didn't always coincide with a chart position. Perhaps they were closet cases, scared of the Editor, poor lambs.

What's the biggest compliment you've ever been paid?

Oh no I didn't get paid, they still owe me.

Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us?

Well I know Bob and Rory are up for a bottle of something fairly strong on Friday.

See you there Cheers Nod Wright