Stefanos Zachariadis

15 years have passed since the apotheosis of Gothic rock, "Elizium", by the FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. If you disagree with my judgement on that album, you might as well stop reading here - I will review Carl McCoy's latest, on the basis of his previous effort, which graced us 15 years ago. This review will also ignore the travesty that was "Fallen" - a collection of old material, not endorsed by the band, and passed by a record company as a new album.

I'll give the reader one more opportunity to escape; I'll offer the rating early. Buy. This. Album. Immediately. It's that good. It's right up there with "Elizium".

Oh, how hopeless it is, to deconstruct a FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM album. Heavy guitars, pulsating bass, multiple layers of synths, down tempo drumming - and McCoy's unique voice. Songs that are climactic, epic, brooding, experimental, songs that make the listener experience a whole range of emotions. The album starts fantastic with the introduction of "Shroud (Exordium)", and proceeds to lead the listener to a roller coaster of emotions, ending with the amazingly epic title track. There are no fillers here. All tracks can stand on their own, but, as with "Elizium", it's very much advised to listen to the album from start to finish.

I think I've heard the best goth rock album of this decade. Last decade was "Elizium". The decade before that, the efforts by BAUHAUS and JOY DIVISION. "Mourning Sun" is so Pink Floyd-esque, that it brings tears to my eyes. "Tears become eyes", we've missed you guys so much, welcome back, shine on you crazy diamonds. Why not perfection? Because of "Elizium". This album doesn't surpass it, but it stands right up there with it. And that's certainly no mean feat.