by Marios Tsolis
translated by Demeter Vekris

There is no doubt that Fields of the Nephilim are among the best bands of all times. Their albums are masterpieces that adorn the world for music. I can still recall the shock I had when I first listened to "The Nephilim". The music is dark, otherworldly, clear, esoteric, ecstatic and ambiguous, that seemed to be originating from the inner fantasies of a demon. There's nothing out there that can even slightly touch the grandeur of their music. For me, these people are the Pink Floyd of the dark scene.

The new album is released by SPV, a very peculiar fact indeed for all those who are aware of the conflict between the band and this label, eventually leading to court. It all began back in 2002, when all of a sudden a collection of demos that would comprise the next FOTN album appeared in the music stores. Seemed that was not enough as SPV had also placed a line on the CDs, denoting "brand new studio album"! As you might understand, Carl McCoy was then outraged as the songs were not in their final form yet and of course all the new material he would record in new album were already out in stores.

Then, McCoy withdrew from all worldly interests. His trails were lost for the next 3 years. The entire "Mourning Sun" has been recorded in the "Ice Age", McCoy's private mobile studio. Being recorded in various different places and times, with the participation of no musician except that of McCoy himself, this album becomes the most esoteric of all albums this great composer has created.

Any sources of light seem to be redundant for one to be able to capture the magnificence of FOTN music. Similarly any extrinsical factor standing between the listener and the creation is restrictive. You push the Play button and the journey into the misty realms begins. The room becomes flooded by melodies from other dimensions, and the music starts to acquire an entity through the underlining emotions it releases. You become one with darkness and start experiencing an inexplicable calmness. Suddenly you realize that darkness is a kind of light embracing inside it even the sun itself, but although in a way very distorted the light of the sun is still strong and bright. The musicality of FOTN is unique and cannot be described with words simply because it is dressed with images and scapes more spiritual and esoteric than actual.

No one can really explain where McCoy's inspiration originates from, however his melodies seems to have a strange sequence that does not follow human proportions. Each time you listen to the new album you feel that you have not succeeded to feel the magical experience in all its magnificence. Addiction was always one of the main characteristics of their music.

Personally I cannot comprehend what is it that draws me to their music, but I don't think it matters anyway. There are times I feel I have received a heavenly gift that touches all of my senses with a unique way and my soul hails in exaltation experienced never before. I don't know if this album is the best they have created (I reckon there isn't comparison among their creations) but definitely it is the most magnificent material that came out from the dark side during the last years.