This programme appeared on MTV and took up all bands sign to the label, at that time.

The extract is from Carl McCoy.

"You have bands like the Cult on this label and they must be selling a million albums in the States or what have you. That's their own doing, that's nothing to do with which record label they are on. You know so, in the end of the day it's an honest label. You make a record and then you get the chance."

[Clip from Psychonaut live.]

"We must been with the label for about 5 years now, and the history of bands before that, uh, they seem to take on bands and let them develop in their own natural way, they don't, kind of you know, expect, like, wonders out of these bands when they took them on. You know, they give them the room to develop their way. So, I think it was the reason in the first place for coming to this label."

[Clip from Psychonaut live.]

"We built ourselves up a quite good live reputation and so therefore we had some more following which grew, that's was the main reason, I think, that Beggars Banquet also like the proof of - they are not a company to sign a band that they haven's seen playing live.

In my eyes they take on real bands, you know."

[Ending with clip from Blue Water.]

Transcribed by Anette Jakobsson.