MTV 120 MINUTES 1991

Paul King interviews Peter Yates and Tony Pettitt from FOTN in conjunction with their last release.

Both Tony and Pete look very nervous in the first part of the interview. Tony starts one sentence and stops and starts another one. When this happens I put (.) to mark the stop and start and also when there is a pause.

Paul King (PK): Gentlemen, we have a new release from you, it's a double live album and also a video covering that. Usually a band release a live album when something's happening, they are either leaving a record company or they changing or something of that nature. Why does the Fields release a live album now?

Pete (P): I think it was right time, having done 3 albums we kind of a. it was the right time to sum up this phase of the band. I think these 3 albums kind of walk together and there is a chance to play some stuff we won't be playing again and good to get it down on vinyl.

PK: It's a changing period, I mean, I've guessed right?

P: I think so, yeah.

PK: Things are changing?

P: It's a start of new things for the Nephilim. It's some stuff on the live album that's better than the studio versions as well. Obviously, in the early days it was low budget, so. it's good to have that chance to put out a better version.

Tony (T): I think good's really to get the energy from the live thing that not necessarily lacking in the studio but have to make up for in other ways. Not just playing the basic, sort of, raw versions and managed to get it fairly good quality as well, not overdubs. No overdubs at all, so.there's a few little, sort of, mistakes here and there but you know.

PK: Check out for the mistakes.

P: If you listen carefully you can hear the smoke machine as well. So, there are a few things in there that weren't meant to be there but warts and all.

PK: You reached that period for you know, you feel like, you talk about the 3 LPs which is a classic, sort of, period of a band's career. Your third album, time to move on and do other things. Are we looking at, with this live album, some of the material, which you won't be performing again, that's it?

T: I should think a lot of the stuff on the . we didn't really play a lot of the first album.I don't know. occasionally it's on there.

PK: Is there material you actually want to say that's it, that was that period?

T: Yeah definitive. I mean, there is some stuff there that we won't be playing again live. I say that. (Smiling).

P: There are a few personal favourites like Psychonaut and Last Exit that will last for a few more years, I think.

[Showing a clip from Psychonaut Live.]

PK: That was Psychonaut from Visionary Heads at Brixton Academy last October was it, the actual performance?

T & P: Think so, yeah.

PK: There's also some mix of old 'Neffs' footage and stills and things from previous shoots you've done, it's that right?

P: It was some stuff we had left over from previous single videos. It just looked good because it was shot on film so we used some slow motion and a few atmospherics.

T: The grainy effect.

PK: Talking about, obviously, we've raised the subject on why you have a live album. I'm a bit surprised; it's not long after Elizium, is it? Six months I think. I thought wait a year, throw it out again.

T: I mean, it's make it more current then. That's was we planned on the last tour. As I said before it's probably the last time we will actually play that set. It's good to get it out while it's fresh, you know.

PK: Does it also mean it's not going to be the likelihood of having a new album, new material. It's not going to be this year.

T: That's what we are working on at the moment in between other few little bits and pieces but.

PK: It's still writing process.

T: Yeah, it's early days.

PK: It's not likely to be in the next 6 to 8 months?

T: Not in 1991 anyway.

PK: Is it going to be a radical change, are we washing our hands of an old style to throw something completely new into the arena?

P: Well, it's still going to sound like the Nephilim obviously, but. who knows, because I haven't heard it yet. I only heard snippets myself so.

PK: It's still evolving.

T: Yeah, we try some new style to play. Just progressing basically.

PK: How about the audience thing, obviously, there's a sense of that which people get of a live album. Your audience is growing as well, I know. It's getting bigger and bigger. Do you ever worry about-- the band's changed, the audience changes?

T: Yeah I mean, we kind of always, sort of, been evolving and changing anyway, people seems to have been accepted it, you know. Most of the original fans are stuck with us I think.

[Continue to show a clip from Psychonaut Live.]

PK: I don't know what to ask you, I mean, looking into the future; you have few live gigs lined up at Brixton Academy in the UK.

P: Town and Country Club (corrected PK).

PK: Sorry, Town and Country which is very, very soon. Are they the live dates you are doing this year or anything else? There's a German date, isn't it, a festival?

P: There's a German gig 8th June, somewhere in Germany.

T: It's this festival.

PK: Are there any gigs you have planned this year or are you looking to take time off from the road as well?

T: Well, we are trying to cram in a few things. We got the two gigs at T & C and the date in Germany. We also going to America, sometime in the summer, because the album is not out there yet.

PK: Is it going to be a long thing or.

T: I think it will be six weeks or something like that. We'll try to write some new material to work in there as well. We have quite a fair amount to do really. (Laughing).

PK: Yep, keep yourself busy. How about the video side of things, what's the plan on that, in sense of the look and style. Obviously it was Richard Stanley earlier stuff, he went on to do movies and stuff like that. Do you like to work with him again?

T: I don't know. Anything is possible. The new stuff, I don't know how it's really look until we decide. It's early stages with the writing stuff, we just experimenting and trying things out. So, that usually comes later once the tracks are.

PK: It's an exciting period, isn't it?

T: It is really, yeah.

PK: Thanks for coming in. T & C, 2 nights at T & C, isn't it?

P: 29th and 30th, but they are both sold out. (Looking very proud).

[Interview finished by showing the last bit of Psychonaut Live.]

Transcribed by Anette Jakobsson.