by Thomas Clausen

The Gothic rock community is happy. With Carl McCoy - after more than seven years of waiting (respective 5 years of psycho, financial and creativity break) their master has reappeared on the scene to let flow the fog and purl the flour. Just as in the old days. Dr. Van Clausen, being back from Transylvania in the meantime, cleverly lured McCoy on his mobile psychoanalytic couch to lift a little the thick veil/haze around the mystical Fields-frontman with tricks and suggestive questions.

Sonic: Carl, soon after the release of "Zoon" the official statement to be heard was you had psychological problems. How do you feel now on the psycho-couch?

Carl McCoy: It had nothing to do with psychic problems. We had some difficulties with our record company at that time, therefore the Nefilim Tour was cancelled. I feel better than ever before. Go ahead with your questions...

Sonic: Would you consider yourself as an optimist or pessimist?

Carl McCoy: Both. I don't think that there is one person on this world who has a purely optimist or pessimist attitude.

Sonic: Do you act according to reason or do you let sometimes your heart decide?

Carl McCoy: I let my heart taking the decisions most of the time!

Sonic: Are you more of a shy or very open person?

Carl McCoy: I am not very open. I love to keep emotions and thoughts to myself, to sit alone somewhere in darkness and watch the things going past...

Sonic: Is there anything you are really scared of?

Carl McCoy: No, until now I have not discovered anything on this earth I would be really scared of. Nothing has ever impressed me that much, that it would scare me.

Sonic: What was your biggest professional dream when you were a child?

Carl McCoy: As a child, the only thing I wished to become as an adult was Stuntman! I had always wanted to do really dangerous things with motorbikes!

Sonic: As a child, were you a good or bad pupil?

Carl McCoy: My school days were very sad for my teachers and parents. There were subjects I liked and others which I found terribly boring.

Sonic: did you have a special dream or wish as a child?

Carl McCoy: I still have the same dream. To have the same job, the same ideas. It is still the same. To go for the same thing....

Sonic: Can you imagine how to spend your life, once you are very old?

Carl McCoy: I am very old...

Sonic: I mean very very old.

Carl McCoy: Tony and me are both very very old. We are both much older than we look like!

Sonic: Are you a religious person?

Carl McCoy: In think, anti-religious would be a more appropriate word for it. I do not belong to an organised religion or church. I am a shaman and have my own system of beliefs. More explications would pass the frame of this interview.

Sonic: Do you have a perception of what happens after death?

Carl McCoy: Why perception?

Sonic: So, what happens definitely after death?

Carl McCoy: That varies from person to person. Each so-called "death" is different.

Sonic: How will death be for you?

Carl McCoy: That I will keep to myself. Something will happen for which I am preparing myself my whole life and for which I feel ready.

Sonic: Is there any special deed which you have absolutely realise before your death?

Carl McCoy: There are so many things, too many to name them. Maybe, one is not always conscious of what one has absolutely to finish. And one will feel when this last very important deed is finished. Afterwards one dies. That's it.

Sonic: What will be written on your grave stone? "Dead but dreaming"?

Carl McCoy: "Come in!" Or maybe also "Entrance".

Sonic: Is there any particular film role you would like to take on? Some years ago you played in the film Hardware...

Carl McCoy: Every day many film roles are being proposed to us. Most fun is if I can play myself, as in Hardware. Otherwise there is no particular role which I would like to take over.

Sonic: Your last message?

Carl McCoy: Our message to the people is our work. We transport our messages through music to those who understand them. Thus everyone can construct one's own message out of our art.