Orakel: When the band split, you all said you weren't talking to one another, but now it turns out you did it for business reasons.

Carl: OK, we saw each other, but not that often. We all needed a break to do our own thing. Now is the right time to do a new album, and we've been planning it for quite a while, but we had a deal not to tell the public until now.

O: Are there reasons why Peter Yates isn't with you anymore?

C: The original Fields line-up was Paul, Tony, Nod and me. Peter wasn't with us from the beginning, so he's not here now.

O: Will there be a second Fields guitarrist?

C: Not for the development process: we don't need a second one to write the songs. We might need one for live shows, but we're trying to keep it narrowed down to the original members.

O: 7 is a meaningful number in many religions. When you appear again in 1998, you'll have had a 7 year rest. Is this part of the Fields concept?

C: It's an important number, but hasn't influenced any of our decisions.

O: What are you doing at the moment?

C: Writing new material.

O: Are you at this studio to practise, or to produce and record?

C: Everything.

O: Why did the split with Beggar's Banquet really happen?

C: They imposed a lot of restrictions while I was planning the Nefilim project. I mean, "Zoon" could have appeared 4 years earlier. I wanted to regain my freedom by getting out of the contract with them.

O: They said you quit the tour because of mental problems.

C: It was a hard time. I don't know, I don't want to say anything.

O: Are all of your ties with Beggars cut?

C: All of them, thank God.

O: Are you going to release your album yourselves, or hand it over to another label?

C: We don't know yet. The album will be released, but we don't know how yet: we'll decide in the near future.

O: What's with your Nefilim project?

C: They'll definitely be another Nefilim project.

O: Will Cian Houchin be there? He's doing his own Saints of Eden project.

C: Probably not.

O: But I hope that Fields is a priority. People are hoping for old times with the Fields reincarnation. The old Fields image. It wouldn't go off well if you did something totally new.

C: No, we'll do the same thing. I'm still the same person. Still the same band.

O: There seem to be different opinions about your reunion. How is it being taken in England?

C: The music scene in England is much smaller. It's not interesting to us anymore. We've had better times in Europe, esp. in Germany. England is the last on the list.

O: What can we expect when you come to Germany?

C: We're still the same band... we can only do one kind of music. The Nefilim project is something else: it lets me do what I want. Extreme and different. But they're two different things. The Fields will be the same band, with a bit of technical improvement, I hope. We're very happy with the way things are.

O: Do you think the old fans will be there?

C: We hope so, And some new fans: it's nice to see that the scene has expanded.

O: Can you say something about the new material?

C: Every album is different, right?

O: When will the new work be released?

C: Probably the end/middle of next year. It's still too early to say. Ask me in January. But definitely next year.

O: Will there be video clips? Another collaboration with Richard Stanley?

C: Richard is a friend of mine. Possibly he'll work with us - we've talked about it.

O: Any thoughts about a tour?

C: Gigs and festivals have been discussed.

O: What about the Gothic festival in Whitby?

C: They asked us if we wanted to play, but we said no. Where have you been? Where are you?

O: In my living room. In Germany.

C: OK. Were you there?

O: Yes, for the American band Sunshine Blind: Whitby seems like a family reunion, not a festival to see new bands.

C: You're right - that's why we didn't go. We prefer international festivals: for the bands and the public.

O: Topic change. What have you learned all these years?

C: We all learn from all our experiences (blah, blah, blah)...

O: Can you imagine giving up music? Stones et al. are still on the stage at 50.

C: Hopefully not. We make music because we believe in ourselves, not to make money.

O: Have you encountered bands that sound like you?

C: I find them funny and sad at the same time. There are some good ones and some bad ones - do they have their own ideas? They don't bother us: we're the Fields.

O: What's with the Watchman club? The address doesn't seem to exist anymore. Will it be around again?

C: Nobody could contact me last year because the fan club activities were stopped, but I hope it will be up and running again in the next few weeks, hopefully at the same address.

O: Internet rumours: there are some homepages that spread false rumours. How do you feel about the Internet?

C: Almost everything that you can read about the Fields in the Net is wrong. I read my lyrics and had to laugh. Hardly a word is right. Most of the stuff in the Internet is a joke. There will soon be an official Fields homepage, hopefully before Christmas. As soon as we have positive info about our musical activities, the fans will be able to read it. There are so many things to do: I have to ask the fans to have patience. But we're already busy with the Sheer-Faith Artwork... any more questions?

O: Lots.

C: Get a flight and come's too hard on the phone.

O: I'd love to. Time to end the interview for now. We'll be looking forward to the new album.

C: Hope you'll like it. It's good and we're busy working on it. We have lots of ideas and projects: perhaps a pre-release.

O: How about some warm-up gigs?

C: Maybe, but I don't want to promise anyone anything yet.

This article reproduced with generous permission from Elizium for the Sleepless Souls.